J S Ellington

Ellington J S

J S Ellington
(1948- )
Nationality: us United States

I am a native West Texan. My life began with a very linear-logical interest in science and what it can seem to prove. In my twenties, I attended The University of Texas at Austin and earned a degree in pharmacy.

During an ensuing 37-year career as a pharmacist, it slowly began to dawn on me that you can't put God in a test tube. I started turning more toward creative endeavors to find meaning. I enjoyed a 9-year sideline as a cloisonne artist and silversmith/goldsmith.

I developed an eye problem that convinced me to give up that pursuit because of fears of greater eye damage from the kiln and/or torch, but I have never lost the thrill of and desire for working with color.

I retired from pharmacy around 2000 and moved from Midland, TX back to Abilene, TX, where I had enjoyed living during my twenties and where I live now.

I had an adjustment problem, coping with the sudden identity change that came with retirement, and it was difficult for me to find a way to "Let Go and Let God."

In my desperation to find a passion, I reviewed my past interests. I had painted all my life because my mother and her sisters always painted when I was growing up, and I did too. I decided to do my best to apply the" let go and let God" to find out what could express through me as art.

In the past, I had hurriedly and halfheartedly painted, but I took it up again with more surrender and curiosity, and without the feeling of having to rush (without a job taking up so much time).

I became a resident artist at Studio 13 in Abilene, which is a community of resident artists and associate artists whom I love and admire. My new art interests have afforded me a sense of direction, belonging, passion, and satisfaction that I have not previously known.

I feel that I am able to get my personality out of the way most of the time and let the paintings kind of come to be on their own. I don't "know" how to paint. I feel my way into and through each project. There is great satisfaction in getting to participate in that process. I enjoy realism, surrealism, and abstract art--basically anything to do with color.

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